Don’t speak of anger

This is what anger is

It feeds on itself 

With more and more intensity

Captures all our thoughts

Leaves out our reason

It takes all our strengths

And leaves us in prison

Break the cycle and free yourself

Be one with who you are

Don’t pay attention to shortcomes

Be one with your presence

Anger has multiple heads

It can be unpredictable 

Yet when tamed it is useful

Use it as a drive to overcome

Overcome your difficulties

This energy needs direction

It needs to be free from worry

It needs clear commands

Take control of your anger

And take back your life

We sway away from our direction

As and when anger knocks

So treat yourself to a cup of tea

And be one with yourself

Identify the source of anger

And be present with alternatives

All you have to say is

Move away from my path

I am driving my life

And I create my own destiny.

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