Individuals have goals, sometimes these are personal and sometimes for our environment or society. We need to know where we are going in order to find out how to get there. Therefore we must try our very best to know our meaning and purpose in life.

As long as we know our purpose and meaning, we will be able to overcome issues and difficulties. This doesn’t mean we definitely succeed in our journey. But it means that we will be able to understand our life. 

Our awareness of environment and self is an ongoing process that helps us find and arrive at our goals. They are tools used to know how to get to our life’s purpose and meaning.

Therefore, as long as we want to have a fulfilling life, we should focus inward and do our best to understand our inner feelings and meaning. This helps us to arrive at our destination. We achieve greatness as long as we share it with others. This relation to others is what truly matters and helps us arrive at our destination.


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