We need balance in life to enhance our living. But how do we create this balance? We may try different behaviours, different characters, different courses, different friends, different places, different people, different jobs, different outlooks, and in general, lots of exploring in life, but still no sign of finding balance!

These attempts to find balance may make us selfish, proud, friendly, angry, clever, respectful, prudent and the list goes on. However still we may not find balance. They all seem to have a pattern though as we try them we get better at dealing with and accepting them.

We may feel lost and look for answers in our search to find balance. There is no perfect answer when we search for balance. There is our imperfection personality accompanied with our imperfect life searching for balance. 

Now the goal is to construct our life in a way that results in a better balance. We have certain patterns that we follow in our life. These are our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By looking at these imperfect patterns we can create balance in our life as long as we learn from them and apply them correctly in our present.

To learn from the past is to replace it with a more realistic pattern in our life. This is possible as long as we love and care for ourselves. So by caring for ourselves we can be realistic about our present. And by this we can find a more balanced life. This can be achieved as long as we are also curious about ourselves and want to discover more about ourselves. 

In order not to regret our past life we need to give and teach what we learn. This helps us in maintaining our balance in life and enhances our life quality. We need to change our outlook in life in order to get different results. Therefore to create and maintain balance in life we need to be flexible. We also need to appreciate change and maintain a healthy and curious outlook in life. Love and care of ourselves and guiding others to do the same retains our balance.


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