What happens when a glass is broken? The pieces are everywhere and it becomes messy, untidy, dirty, dangerous. But it also has other effects such as disorganisation, and lack of order. Without structure an environment is unsettling and there is adverse effect on people. Our mind, our environment and events around us impact our wellbeing and therefore need to be looked after. If we imagine the world around us as fragile as a glass, once the glass is broken, it needs time to be replaced. It needs help to be restructured, it needs our effort to sort out the mess.

Our life can not go on without fragile glasses and broken pieces. We learn throughout our life that we need to heal our broken glasses, we need to replace them with new ones. We need to introduce new glasses and we need to protect them.

Our community is the same as individual since when there is disorder, there is need to put things right. Overall our society needs to heal from its broken glasses. People creating disorder may result in having an environment that produces more disorder. There is a need to put things right and to control and manage environment to have a more orderly society.

Generally our way of thinking is affected by people around us and they can influence us. Broken glass is about the condition of thinking of a person affected by the thinking of another, as well as the environment.


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