Confusion is a state of conflict between inner and outer stimuli. We choose the way we deal with our life events. How we decide to deal with our problem is the key to overcoming or managing them. What makes us confused and uncertain is what we don’t understand. Therefore we will become confused and can lose our way whilst we don’t understand something.

What can help in dealing with our confused state is being compassionate. Compassionate towards ourselves and letting ourselves make mistakes and to learn from them. We need to be able to not self criticize but instead to be self compassionate towards ourselves. Self criticism creates a hostile environment. This is where we discourage ourselves. We need to learn to be more compassionate towards ourselves.

Confused state is an inner self phenomenal and in order to overcome confusion we need to create balance. This is between our perceived reality and reality itself. First step to manage confusion is to know about it. Also finding out the reason for our confusion. We need to put ourselves at the center of what we are experiencing. And lastly coming up with how our feelings and behavior is affected by our thoughts, our motifs, and outer influences.

We can creatively turn our confusion into a process of new self discovery and clarity. This is a learning process and a skill that can be learned. We need to remember that a confused state can also be a drive to move forward. It needs to be understood in order for us to move forward and do better. Therefore this drive is something that is necessary for our life and we can learn to turn it to our advantage.


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