Teaching Assessment

Teaching Learning and Assessment

  1. An exploration of how active learning and assessment can optimize individual learner needs, including methods of initial and diagnostic assessment.
  2. An overview of key legislation and codes of practice for teachers related to safeguarding and equality in educational institutions.
  3. An overview of the roles of a teacher and effective teaching strategies to enhance student learning.
  4. An overview of the different types of assessments used in education, including their purpose, methods, and benefits.
  5. How information obtained from assessment activities can be used to create individual learning plans, set goals, identify additional support needs, and develop inclusive lesson plans using different teaching and learning methods.


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Teaching Learning and Assessment
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  1. Assessment for Learning - Optimizing Individual Learner Needs
  2. Safeguarding and Equality Act 2010 for Teachers
  3. The Roles of a Teacher and Effective Teaching Strategies
  4. Types of Assessments in Education
  5. Using Assessment and Differentiation in Lesson Planning
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