There are many ways we can make good decisions. We can develop it by practice, by taking care of our health, by being self aware, by caring for our relations. We can fuel our creative side by paying attention to our needs. In order to be creative we need to trust ourselves. We need to be bountiful and live instead of being restricted and not opening ourselves to opportunities. This bountifulness develops our inner child and we start to cultivate our creativity.

We begin with unknown in our life and that unknown needs to be discovered and cultivated in order to become something creative. We can do this by exercising our creative muscles by enjoying our hobbies, doing physical exercise and trusting our intuition.

Creativity is possible when there is motivation for creativity. This state is possible when we are focused. Creativity is not just created by us individuals, it is a process, this process is possible when we are in relation to other objects, when we make a connection and as a result, something new is possible.

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