Death and birth

When it comes to the cycle of life, birth is the beginning and death is the end. (or you can say it is one beginning and one ending of many depending on your philosophy). Not to be afraid of death is not to be afraid of impermanence. The cycle of life at its very core entails the process of trying. This is practicing, making sense, and looking for meaning or to simply put it search for change!!!

The circular motion of life assumed as the truth and human life cycle being in the core of it. There comes a point where there is a need for the inner circle alteration and the outer circle alteration. Because no matter how big your life circle, it will eventually come to its very beginning. The birth is the beginning and for that matter the end is death. But this needs to be a new beginning and and a new end. Therefore there is a need for the in and out movement. This is from external to inside the circle and from internal to the outside circle for this change to happen. Hence why we need to born and die as part of circular movement.

No matter how spiritually aware, we instinctively don’t want death to happen as it symbolises an end to our journey. Death, as our outer influence, needs to be understood. What is interesting is that outer death is different to inner death. It is not an end but it is of necessity to our life and very much needed. The influence of outer death (negative forces) on inner death (negative energy) is not the same as its opposite. But they work in parallel.

Interestingly it makes sense to assume that outer death causes the inner death. This is because the ending does exist, and is not dependent on us. And the response of the inner death is dependent on how strong and ready the person is to face death. Therefore in order to destroy the last enemy (death) which is the effect of the outer death on the inner death we need to find its distinction to our inner self, and understand the impact of it to our life! We need to embrace death as part of our living.

In order to be successful in this task we must not be afraid of death but to be aware of its possible destructiveness. By knowing that there is an end to a beginning, we can comfort ourselves by prediction but being open to future possibilities of a new form of living even without birth and death. As these are part of the same life cycle. Therefore by not being afraid of impermanence, we are not afraid of change. So by not being afraid of change we are not afraid of any possibility when it comes to life and death. We need to be aware that anything is possible as long as we can imagine it! We can even imagine a middling birth where birth and death coexist.

Some things in life are difficult to comprehend and there are many mysteries in life. Death and birth is a mystery that we want to tackle. One way to do this is to imagine a circular motion of death and birth and humans being influenced by outside forces as well as forces within them. By keeping an open mind, it is possible to have a different view and possibilities when it comes to death and birth in the future. One needs to imagine not being afraid to try new methods, perhaps even it is possible to end a journey and then continue with the same journey but taking a different route!


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