There is birth at the corner

We move and get older

We have you as our holder

Protect all eternity timer

We Feel it and accept it

We think it and receive it

We decode our state of being

End up dying evolving

We have you as our truth

We have you as our reality

We have you and only you

Our complete all in one!

Yes, yes, yes, complete

It is a complete and valid word

When we want to get to you

We have to be complete

Our purpose is to include

All there is to receive

We build a home

To destroy and rebuild

It is in our nature to blend

But reality blends with you

Every step in our corner

A shadow is aged every moment

Our time changes

Our life changes

We travel towards you

You stay the same

Shadow has lack of strength

Doesn’t change at all

It is constant

There is no spark!

We need energy

We need life

We need drive

We need you 

More than death needs us


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