Decision Making

Difficulty in decision making is about not knowing the unknown. It is important to know that our decisions are reflections of our beliefs and values. Therefore by improving our beliefs and values we can improve our decisions. As and when we have a difficult choice to make, we need to remember not to limit ourselves. We need to know that we also have the option to reach out for new and exciting possibilities. This is to renew ourselves.

With our every choice there are consequences. By trying to know the consequences, we are able to find out how to manage our decision making. Some decisions are tough and difficult to foresee results. Therefore we should always value our judgment as well as consider our instinct. We can value the results and make our choice depending on our life. Our choice doesn’t have to excel in any area but it needs to be a useful decision in order to be a good choice for us.

It is easy to mistake decision making with a moral dilemma instead we should focus on making good decisions. Making a decision that will benefit us and others. We should balance what is right generally with what is good for us and try to foresee the end result. This needs to be done while being just in our actions.


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