Our desired present and future life is dependant on our actions. Action is at the core of finding meaning in life. Actions impact us short term, long term or permanent term in life.

Short term actions last only short time and their benefit is temporary usually. This means that we either get distracted and lose interest, or the task itself is required short term. Long term actions is where we either are interested in them for a long time or that we have a responsibility to do them in the duration of the task. Lastly permanent actions is where we have the action as part of us for a very long time.

Our character is a summary of our short, long term, and permanent term desires. And our desires are made up of our decisions and our reflections. Our desires create derives within us that we will try and fulfil. These derives may be result of external environment and the responses. Also they might be our internal reflections. In our life our choices influenced by desires and reflections are our life balancing factors.

Our desires are also our urges, things we want to achieve, we want to get to and we want for ourselves. Desires need to be channelled in ways that benefit our overall wellbeing. We get to know and live our life optimally as long as we manage and understand our desires. Desires are the beginning and end of our life influencers. These are things we both have and have not got control over. These are what impact us in ways unimaginable, some we get to be aware of, and some that are out of our control.

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