It is not truly possible to be the best version of ourselves. It is possible to try our best though. There are times that our beliefs resist and challenge us to the core! It is good then to have friends on our side. When we talk, listen and discuss issues, we associate those words with images, and images trigger a story for us, and we create categories and schemas from these stories. It is important to be aware of this process. Don’t overflow yourself with unwanted information, instead understand your mind process, analyse events, associate, and be aware whether true or false image is shaped in mind; this will help in knowing your capability. Most importantly we need to be reasonable. We need to accept our strengths and short comes. 

Once you have the right image formed and associate it to a story in our past, present or even future self, then we can make a decision that minimises harm, and maximises benefit for ourselves and others around us. What remains are relations and forces between stories. So choose our stories carefully, live our life by feeling happy with ourselves and decisions we have made. Then we can reconnect our stories with new carefully chosen words.

Human beings live in a probabilistic environment; It feels good to take good actions to interconnect with others. The fact is that everyone and everything is interconnected.

With logic as an engine of emotions, we can make things interconnected. Therefore by being aware of our probable decision making process and our mind associating events and stories, we can make more educated decisions.

We need to choose our actions carefully and not overflow ourselves with information, instead we should take careful decisions on how we choose our actions and to be aware of our decision making process. By knowing our impact on others as well as ourselves, we can have an awareness of our interconnectedness. This makes difficult things easier.


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