Digital Technology

Digital is almost at every corner in our life. IT can nurture human experience, and it can also put us in prison. Therefore IT management is needed, by looking and focusing on the positive sides of IT. This is done while considering the negative effects of IT on humans and our living situations. By being mindful of this phenomena, we can build an optimised solution to our life experiences. It is an art to focus on IT in a way that we don’t see what it will discourage and disable. By focusing on what IT can do and its possibility to optimise our living, it helps us shape our lives. It will be used as a means of helping us flourish.

IT is part of our life now, and Information System Management is now more important than ever before. We need to be careful on how to manage IT and to also ensure that we use it to benefit our life and not be enslaved by IT. This is so that we don’t lose touch with other aspects of reality. Aspects such as friendliness, authenticity and empathy.

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