Sleep and not sleep

Be present and not present

Change and not change 

Stay still and in doubt

Having a separate half

A separate other side

As there is no room

In our sharing brain sides

Is this part of the process?

The process of doubting

Becoming more than you can

Learning while doubting

Give yourself benefit

Benefit of becoming

Enjoying a tomorrow

A tomorrow of accepting

Ability of changing

Simplicity of forgetting

Striving for improvement

All possibilities of overcoming

Is doubting an unreal state?

Where dreams shatter? 

Where one cannot find?

An undoubtful self

Doubt is more like a process

A process of scape

A scape from facing

What is real on your end!

One side is shattering

Other side is becoming

One is doubting

The other is believing

Choice is yours

Reason with your judgment

As there is also a need

In doubt, to find your presence!


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