In our dreams we are looking for something we cannot find in our waking life. By recreating our life in dream state we look to find something that is missing in our awaking life. Finding a new meaning is what exists on its own in a dream state. Therefore we go through a process of losing and finding ourselves. The reality is that finding changes at every moment as we live and go through life. We need to understand this process in order to have more control over our life. This is to control where we are and what we do in life. By knowing about ourselves and controlling ourselves we can know about the changes and new findings that our mind processes. Therefore we can find meaning in our life. We can learn from unexpected sources sometimes. One of these sources is dream. Reality has many aspects and one of them is our dream state. It is important to live a good life and to be able to manage ourselves better. We need to be aware of our choices and actions in life.

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