We look for meanings in life. We look for something we can relate to. Sometimes we feel empty. We feel that nothing is complete. Nothing has the answer we are looking for. We search for a lot of different means to find something to hang on to. We try our best to find a new understanding but no answer is found.

Usually in these circumstances slow down. You don’t have to reach the mountain top in one day. Try to find something that relaxes you. Try and relate to something new or familiar that makes you see things in a different light. Our perspective about life effects our life. We sometimes need a new angle to look at things. We sometimes need to see things from a new perspective.

Our life may feel empty at times and with no particular meaning but this does not remain the same. This changes when we start to move forward. This changes when we try and relate to something worth relating to. This maybe our family, friends, job, society and many other possibilities. Our work is done when we can see the benefit in doing something worth doing. Doing something beneficial for ourselves and for others. That is not empty, that is full of meaning.


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