We created and received energy through ourselves and things around us. This energy may be positive or negative. We likely achieve our goal as long as we have enough positive energy and determination to succeed. There is nothing wrong with trying to achieve what you seek. We are full of energy and everything around us is the same. We attract energy that is similar to ourselves. So take every step to achieve what you need and what you think is best for you along the way positive energies are helpful to you! And negative energy is what you can learn from in life. This is similar to knowing something is good for you and trying to use it as your advantage. This needs to be done while maintaining balance in life. As everything needs to be in moderation in order to retain its meaning. 

The energy we give out in life comes back to us, for example by giving a positive vibe we are likely to receive positive from others. Our attitude towards our goals and what we do attracts others and our surroundings.

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