What do you enjoy doing? You may enjoy trying new things. You may enjoy eating, socialising, sight seeing and the list goes on. The issue is too little and it is not satisfying, too much and it gets boring. There is a need for prioritising. Our physical health may be a priority or it maybe our wellbeing, it maybe studying, creating and learning.

Whatever it is we need to grow up, need to try and support ourselves, our family, to be healthy and enjoy life. For all these, there needs to be a plan. A plan to learn, a plan to teach, a plan to achieve and a plan to give something back to the community.

A simple plan works, we need to plan according to our needs. We need to find what is at the core of our interest. There are various methods of self improvement and improving our awareness. We can for example follow a cycle of Learning, Teaching, Feedback and Writing. The last cycle of our awareness which is writing is a metaphor and we can replace it with what resonates with us. It can be creativity, painting, music, video, audio, picture or many other things.

Enjoyment (youtube.com)


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