Entitlement is something that you need to know, take or learn. We don’t really know what we can have until we make the best of our situation. We strive to achieve our maximum ability but we may not be aware that they are related to our inner strengths (our potential to understand our inner strengths). These strengths are our capacity to learn our rights.

We can have a better future and better understanding of our situations and our rights as long as we make good decisions and we allow room for ourselves to learn more and grow.

Sometimes we may be in a situation where it is difficult to decide our rights and take the right actions. There is a distinction between these two, one is our decision and it belongs to us (our rights). And the other is that it is our right to know how it will affect us and other people (right actions). This is to ensure the decision we make is the right decision for everyone involved. We need to decide to what degree our entitlements impact other people around us. Therefore we need to decide on our action in regards to our entitlements and its impact on others.

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