Experience and perceived reality

Life is multifaceted and we have many ways to make sense of life. We go through time and make sense of life by experiencing it. Sometimes we get tired of fighting. We may try our best in life and still fail. We may work hard and still make mistake. We may get tired, we may lose interest. We may find ourselves trapped. There are many ways to look at reality of life. This reality has many dimension. A part of it is how we personally make sense of life, another is what we have in common with others when making sense of life and comprehending reality. Lastly there is also external reality in relation to us with its own experience of reality.

All the above can be confusing and sometimes life throws at us difficulties, we need to experience it and work through it. We need to face these challenges and to be aware that this is part of our sense making of reality. We need to be comfortable with our inner feelings. To some degree we need to experience both negative and positive emotions. We need to know that we are a whole when our experiences in life are from our own frame of reference and not any one else. We need to be aware of others not projecting their viewpoints into us. Therefore we need to filter our reality and find out what is real to us.

We experience life through our perception and therefore need to know that our perception can be manipulated and influenced. To live our life is to experience it first hand and to feel our reality and work through our thoughts and emotions. We need to try and not repress or project our emotions into others. Another side to this argument is that we need to try and find root cause of our issues and not a temporary state of heavy feelings or over stimulated thoughts. We can live a more fulfilled life as long as we are curious, empathic and have gratitude.


By having values such as curiosity, empathy, and gratitude we understand that we are looking through life via certain lenses. This means we will have our own frame of reference and our locus of evaluation is inward. Therefore no matter how influential others are in our life, we can still make sound judgement according to our own experiences. This means our condition of worth is not constructed according to others point of view and that we are not measuring our worth in accordance to introjected values of others. So we experience life according to our own thoughts and decisions.

We experience life and also there is a reality related to life. This shape our understanding of the world and our place in it. Our understanding of life is partly shaped by our knowledge, and perception of life through direct involvement in life events. This is through shared experience, direct experience and personal learning and growth. Our shared experience can be our cultural, and social understanding via a group of people. Direct experience can be what uniquely influences a person perception and reaction. Learning and growth are related to experiences that contribute to learning and personal growth. Positive experiences can build confidence and negative experiences can build resilience.

There is also the objective reality that exists independently from our perception. As well as subjective reality that is related to how individuals perceive and interpret the objective reality. This is shaped through personal experiences as well as our cognition and emotions. Within our life through interaction of subjective and objective reality and finding out about our purpose in life we navigate through existence within the larger context of the world.

There is an interplay between our experiences and our reality in life. Our perception impacts our reality, and it can be skewed by limited information, biases, and emotions. In order to deal with life challenges people need to change and to be adoptable with life as their experiences change, so will their reality change. In this transformative change culture also plays a role as it will provide a framework in interplay of the reality. Shared cultures shape collective values and beliefs, and our experiences of the above shapes our being and existence.

Our experiences heavily influence our decision making process. Past experiences provide a reference point to evaluating options and predicting outcomes. We also need to recognise and understand others point of view and perception of reality. This helps us to better integrate in society and find out more about different view points and outlooks of reality. In order to cultivate open-mindedness and adaptability we need to experience and explore new things. This can lead to a richer and more fulfilled life.

There is an interplay between our experiences and the reality. Therefore we need to try and make sense of the word through understanding this interplay dynamics. This will help us appreciate the diversity of human experience and complexity of our existence in general.

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