Exploration as motivation to explore a balanced life

Exploration is a part of our development and in order to improve our wellbeing we need to take initiative to explore the world around us. We can explore our outer environment and also we can explore the world within us. This is about being curious and investigating and studying ourselves and our environment. Exploration is an essential part of our development throughout life. This is where we explore objects and matters with some expectation of discovery.

There are two types of exploration:

  1. Intrinsic Exploration
    • Involves activity not directed towards a goal
  2. Extrinsic Exploration
    • Involves activity directed towards a goal

Whether our activity is extrinsic or intrinsic – Explorations can be used to increase or decrease our level of excitement however this exploration needs to be healthy. This is because we need to try and keep the balance towards maintaining a desired stimulation in our life. This helps us understanding our own exploration process.

In terms of our wellbeing when our exploration is not directed towards a goal, then by nature it is not systematic and therefore it is about seeking an experience and to learn along the way. However when our exploration is directed towards a goal it is our attitude and hard work that determines our success in reaching that goal. In order to gain relevant experience and to learn from our mistakes we must take accurate steps towards reaching our goal.

We learn how to explore from childhood, this depends on our experiences received from outside world and the way we have explored in the past. More engaged we were with the outside world and more positive feedback we receive in our infancy and childhood, more open we are to experiences later in adulthood. If we had a difficult childhood, this doesn’t mean we are not open to new experiences later in adulthood. But this means that we have more barriers to overcome while exploring.

Exploration is about being curious, it is about wanting to find. Exploration is about trying new things, it is about being our optimised self. There are people who prefer to stay where they are and not to explore. This approach has disadvantages, one of these disadvantages is that we are not able to understand and improve ourselves. Our awareness of ourselves is limited to our exploration and experiences.

In other hand when we try new ways of doing things, when we explore new avenues and try to open our horizon we see life differently. We begin to understand and appreciate ourselves and life in general. We may fail or not get our desired results sometimes but we gain experiences and live our life by experiencing and trying, instead of being passive and staying the same.

Throughout life we have many opportunities, by looking at life with an open outlook we can grab these opportunities and make use of them. The very act of looking and searching for our goals as well as trying to reach them helps us in life. This is because we focus on aspects of life that help us and actively try to help ourselves. This exploration is what helps us improve ourselves and to gain better insight in life.

Exploration is at the core of our development throughout life. Exploration helps us find purpose in life. It helps us build confidence, break barriers and to be able to investigate life events from different angles. To be able to try things in our own way and not to be discouraged in doing so in childhood will build confidence to explore. Then we will not be afraid of failure. In a sense this will help our world view in the future. We begin to see life as a process, this helps us to be more of our authentic self and not be afraid of failure. This is to try our best in every situation. Our world view will be to learn and to experience.

Exploration is linked to motivation, there is direct correlation between these two. A motivated person can explore, in order to explore we must first be motivated to explore. We must be interested in exploring, this can be in a relationship, a social event, a new course, our inner thoughts and many more examples. In general to live is to explore, it is to want to explore (motivation) and to trust ourselves along the way.

This journey of exploration (both discovering world outside us and discovering our inner self) is fulfilling. We can learn from history and previous life events in order to help ourselves throughout this journey. It is also comforting to know that we are not alone in this journey, there are many other people who our exploring themselves and the world around them. We can join forces along the way, help others and get help from others in this process. It is important to know that what we do at every moment of life contributes to our future. Therefore more open minded, positive and balanced our exploration in life the better the outcome.

We share many common grounds with people around us. Such as our values, morals, and life attributes. Therefore by keeping in mind that as human being we have more similarities than differences helps us to look forward in our exploration and along the way to make new friends. This is to share our experiences and know that in our life journey we are not alone. There are many other people also going through similar life experiences. We need to share our experiences with others and help others along the way to make our life and other’s life better. Life as it is can be difficult so we can help ourselves and others to enjoy this journey. This is to explore many opportunities that are possible in life. 

Our innate abilities and potential to improve may be biological and pre determined to some extent but our exploration and learning as well as decision making is not hereditary. The values we learn throughout our life are not inherited. We need to keep alive the desire to improve ourselves, our values and to explore. This desire feeds our self esteem and lets us explore the world around us while enjoying the journey along the way.

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