We do something shameful that we are ashamed. We hurt others in our life sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. When we are truly sorry and do not repeat the same mistake, then we have forgiven ourselves. It is not easy to forgive when in pain. But forgiving doesn’t mean committing. By forgiving someone for their wrong doing it doesn’t mean we commit ourselves to be the same as before. It means that we are ready to move on in our life. This is beneficial because by no moving on we hurt ourselves. Therefore by forgiving we can liberate ourselves. This is to move on and make educated decisions. To commit ourselves to make certain decisions about a person and situation.

There is a reason for forgiving others being beneficial and that is to release ourselves from unwanted energy. By forgiving we don’t need to commit ourselves to be the same within that circumstance. Instead it means we have given ourselves benefit of being free from hurt. This is to focus on what we want to happen to our life in the future. This is by committing ourselves to make better and more contemplated decision.

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