We have been in many circumstances where there is no way we can exceed expectations. Therefore no matter what we do in life there are things and circumstances where we are not successful. We may think success is related to our attitude towards it. However if we have success as our only goal, this is not good enough! The reason for this is that we cannot succeed in life by only putting importance in success.

Instead we need to put importance in the life process, and it needs to be realistic and achievable. Then we gain what we seek in the game of life! What we seek is what we put in and therefore we are what we pursue! We are in the middle of this game of life. We determine the process towards our success and not the success itself.

It is the value of life that makes us who we are and not the success we achieve. More than anything we need to bring value to our life. This is what makes us find meaning in life, and succeed.

In general life never ceases to have meaning and in any moment a person can choose a different path to the one chosen before, and it is never too late to do something meaningful or have meaning in life, the point is not to give up on life.

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