What is our history? We carry our history with us whereever we go. We contain our history within us. Our history is an amalgamation of both our subjective viewpoints and influences and environment factors effecting us.

History in general is both subjective and objective. Subjective in the sense that it depends on what we make of it. And objective in a sense that events happen and exist regardless of our viewpoints.

What is important is that we need to learn from our history. We should be able to consider our experiences to help us make better informed decisions. Life in general as well as specificially is not fair sometimes. What is fair is the decision and power we have over the extent life effects us. As well as the extent we can make an impact.

History is another tool in our toolset. Whether in a macro level, where we learn from other experiences; or in a micro level where we learn from our own experiences. Therefore use your hisotry to your advantage, and be cautious not to make the same mistake twice.


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