Arising from ashes

With its pride and glory

To accept new beginning

As end is approaching

So much walking

So much running

So much giving

So much hoping

Hope is difficult and real

It is good but yet painful

Too much of it is unsettling

Like having faith but falling

Here is the power of hope

There is no point of returning

It gives and gives

But there is time counting

One can only hope

Hope of arriving

Hope of a better future

Hope of sun rising

Newness may come today

May arrive tomorrow

It may not come at all

It may or may not be with you

Hope is comforting

But not too much of it

Too much hope destroys

Isolate you in an island

As sun is in the sky 

And it comes with clouds

Hope is near 

But yet too far

Grab hope with two hands

While being mindful

It is not meant to be easy

But it is worth trying

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