Why do the unspoken

Why the impact is so destructive

Why you are so unworthy

Careless and cruel is who you are

You are the worst liar

You lie to yourself

You think you are clever

Yet so stupid while existing

Talking about a lost soul

Misusing ones power

Belittles and destroys

A tiny and useless loser

One that is not worth a mention

One that needs to be disciplined

Take lessons of life and living

Lessons of respect and loving

We need firmness and strength

To deal with such a little monster

Need to take away its power

Bully’s strength is in its fakeness

If bullied by such monster

Do not forget that,

You worth more than,

All there is to imagine

Stand up in time when you can

Get help and achieve your rights

Take back what you deserve

And break free from monster’s ways

First build yourself

Then get help

Break your silence

And be your deserved self

You are not alone

You have strength of a mountain

To smash the monster in half

And be rightfully more strong


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