Initiative is what drives us to move forward. It is something that truly differentiates us from other people. Initiative in what we do certainly helps us to excel in our dealings. The key is we shouldn’t be afraid of failure and we should strive to do our best. We need to be selective in what we want to achieve and what we enjoy doing. Creating balance between these two and having initiation to move forward is key to our progression.

Being selective helps us have focus and also to spend our energy on what matters to us. We can have initiative and do our best without having to think about losing and failing. We need to compare ourselves with no one but us.

It is important to have an open mind and to try new things. Initiative is not just about trying, it is also about being creative and to not be afraid of failure. Environment has an impact on us. Therefore there needs to be structure to what we do. We should also be able to try new things in life.

Our independence and being able to act at our own initiative is important. We need to take responsibility and take charge before others do. Having initiative is about discipline and being confident in our actions. You need to have a plan and to spot opportunities where there is need for your input. And finally to develop persistence and have a balance in life. These help to take initiative in doing tasks in a mindful manner.


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