Inner calmness

Various factors that are intrinsic and extrinsic determine our place in this world. Any event can happen to us at any point but its impact on us varies. We decide on the probability and extent events have an impact on us. We are able to measure this impact in different ways. 1. An event is true or false. 2. Extent an event is true or false.

Our abilities to measure and understand events and their impact is dependent on factors such as our resources and innate capability. In all above mentioned options, actuality of something happening is deterministic to its probability of it happening. This means it is related to alternatives of something else or the same thing happening. It is dependent on the cause and effect as well as our understanding of the steps involved to make something happen. This understanding helps us to have better knowledge of ourselves and the environment around us.

This actualisation is only relevant and effective as long as it is true. The probable notion of something happening is determined by its impact on us and our understanding of it. As well as impact on itself and things around it. 

A lot of things in life are not absolute, therefore we need to have a better understanding of things happening around us. We need to realise that probability of things happening are important factors in our decision making. This is to say that things happen that are true, and their impact on us is true. Therefore we need to be familiar with the ever changing reason behind events happening. This can be achieved through understanding of ourselves, and consequently the effect of other things on us. Also our understanding of our effect on other things around us. As we get closer to this end, more inner calmness we create, receive and achieve.

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