Leading in most occasions is about bringing together. It is also about taking action to bring change, and doing something to address goals and beliefs. What makes some people better leaders than others? A true leader must not be afraid of solitude. A leader must not be afraid of not having support, and to strive to set good examples. 

A good leader goal is to bring people together and to see oneself as part of them. A leader calculates on outcomes and takes account of probable situations when making decisions. Most importantly a true leader needs to consider facts and group strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore a true leader makes a group feel they belong! A leader leads even when there is no support!

Leading more than anything else is about caring, a leader cultivates group members and helps them achieve their aspirations. Leader takes care of group members and helps them realise and work towards their goals. These are all possible when a leader is also self compassionate and confident in one’s abilities.


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