Self-censor our mind

Create our new reality

Build a common home

For my, your, our, their future

So much to miss

So little to give

So much to risk

A lot to discover

Steady, steady, but fast

Balance, life and living

Learn, teach, adopt and forget

My, your, our, their being

Certain as it can be

Living in memory of loss

Gaining respect to new

Pretending to be best

Finding feet in social

Searching real pivotal point

Bringing new to the old

Reallocating them in dream

Put good quality to test

Water tastes different

Bring my new prospect

Nurture my nature

Life is but confusing

Need to plan, execute and test

Partly life is as clear as it can be

My meditation makes me believe

Thoughts are not all I have

I have my inner home, and much more

I am nothing but a traveller

With me, I have you, we and others!


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