There is a point in life when we need to decide on who we are and what we do. We cannot live a lie and try to be somethings that we are not. We may like many things, we may crave many things. Sometimes what we crave and don’t have move us away from our real self. What we need to do is be true to what we like and enjoy.

We need to work hard and move towards our purpose. Our purpose is what make us closer to ourself, it is what makes us complete and it is circular. We need to instruct ourselves in such a way that we have a plan to help ourself be comfortable with who we are.

There is wisdom in accepting our limitations and trying to improve our strengths. We cannot be what others want us to be. We cannot be our half self. Instead we needs to exercise our real self. And our real self is who is true to ourselves. So we should not be afraid and instead we should explore the endavours that we enjoy and keep us moving. We need to move towards our more complete self.


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