Nurture thoughts

Cultivation (nurture thoughts) is a major force to increase our ability to cope with everyday tasks. There is one and only one force against cultivating thoughts and living; it is a negative, disabling and discouraging focus and beliefs. It is essential to justify our thoughts and beliefs, asking questions like, is this disapproving and discouraging a good decision? First and most important rule is what energy we send out. How we focus on ourselves has an impact on what we get in return. The only way to cultivate positive absorption; it is to celebrate living and celebrating our experiences. This will increase our self-confidence, and create circuits in our life that are life changing and cultivating.

Disruptive and negative thoughts and beliefs are opposing factors to nurturing our thoughts. More than anything else we need to minimise self doubt and maximise believing. We need to trust ourselves and our actions. We need to be determined to do our best at any given situation and not to doubt ourselves, while knowing mistakes and failing is part of life.

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