How do we put our life in order? We need to start with our inner self. We need to create a new discipline for ourselves. This new discipline more than anything should liberate us and help us grow and have structure in life.

Discipline is about what we stop ourselves from doing and what we focus on it is about what is good for us. This gives us control over our life. Instead of overthinking we give ourselves the will to get things done. We need to follow our inner well being and map our way through a fulfilling journey. This helps us have our life in order. This means we have created a life worth fighting for!

There are two opposing sides in life, one is order and the other is chaos. People usually are not in either opposing end and are somewhere in the middle. The reality is that we need both sides of these opposing forces so that we can put our life together. We need a balance, we need to learn from chaos in our life and to improve on order in our life.

Throughout history there are many occasions that we had order or chaos. Therefore what we make of our life and how we create a balance so that things are arranged according to our wanting is the key. We need to know that this is an ongoing process and things change according to our environment and our state of being. So the goal is to try and improve order in our life all the time, while have a little bit of chaos.


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