There are differences in how we see things compared to others. There are differences in how we reflect on things, and there are differences in how we perceive reality. There is a lot we can see and do with our intellect. But There must be something more enhanced than our intellect. Our intellect lets us evaluate things and make decisions while exploring and analysing data and events. 

We must have something more enhanced that is not bound by our worldly laws. There must be something that is different in nature! There must be something that we can reach and feel that is not bound to our genetics, social status and our upbringing. There is something that we are and it is us. Yet it is boundless and outside of our intellect world! 

Something that its source is within us and something that cultivates our real self! Our real self is our initiation self. It is self that only we can experience and it is separate from our past and future. This is our outlook and it is different from anything and anyone else. This source is a feeling of uniqueness and also a feeling of belonging to oneself and our surroundings.

We make and break our reality; Our reality cannot be explained by our intellect or any other worldly feature. Our reality is something that belongs to us and yet it is in harmony with our surroundings. This is our character and our unique self which differentiates us from others and yet brings us closer to everything around us. This is our unique self.


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