Parenting styles

Authoritative style creates joyful environment. This parenting style is focused on child and allows children to take on age related duties. This style provides an environment that helps child’s growth. Children learn that arguments are more effectively controlled when taking account of other person point of view. This style helps brain development as the child is allowed to make mistakes freely and to learn from mistakes. This style also helps with group conflict resolution. It also promotes growth of good peer connection and subsequently the growth of social care network for the child.

Authoritarian style creates usually shy or angry adult who are not able to take initiatives or not able to control themselves effectively. Parent disciplinary style teaches children that unquestioning obedience is the way to manage interpersonal conflicts and to fix issues. These children later on as grow up will have a shattered self confidence and cannot communicate their emotions effectively. Parents in this style are not flexible enough to address children needs according to situations and force children to only obey them.

These two styles in many ways are contradictory to one another. In one hand authoritative style is flexible to take account of child needs. As opposed to authoritarian style that in inflexible to child needs. Therefore in order to have better and more successful parenting style it is essential for parents to be flexible enough to question themselves and their methods. This is to ensure that parents try and find the best method in looking after the child. At the core of authoritative style is for parents to consider various options and to choose the most appropriate of dependant on the child needs.

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