We make plans in life because we innately want to achieve new goals in life. This is because we are curious, we want to find out and know about our plans and goals in life. This is innately programed within us, the thirst to find and achieve. It is part of our nature, a way towards our survival.

So this shows how important planning is in our life. How should we plan? We should plan in such a way that we can answer to why questions! Once we know the reason we do something then we should find out how to do it in best way we can to maximise benefit.

We need to be planning in such a way that we learn from our past events, and use our learning toward better planning. We need to do our planning for here and now. Also we need to have in mind our future and possibilities that it brings.

To plan we need to be prepared, we need to ensure that our mindset is ready for a new achievement, as well as reaching a new goal. Our environment also plays a role in successful planning, we need to ensure that we can cultivate ourselves and that we can achieve more through our resources. 

Planning more than anything is a skill that we can learn, we need to have an open mind for learning and to have a keen eye to improve ourselves. This is to plan our way to achieve new goals. More than anything we plan in order to improve, in order to better ourselves and to achieve more.

Lastly planning is not just about us, it also impacts those around us, our partner, children, employees, friends and the list goes on. Therefore taking a careful consideration of what we are doing in our planning is very important. This is to benefit ourselves and others.

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