Racism is not in nature

I began by losing my place

I began by being self conscious

I began by losing the plot

I began my first worthlessness

I found that I am alone in world

I was in a battlefield at that moment

It is not going to stop there

It finds itself through my body

Who is there to help me

I am broken from inside

I am tired and hopeless

I only have my own corner

I think racism is unreal

It is unreal as it is not in nature

It is there but not there

It is not tangible yet so impactful

It is to make us feel worse

It makes us worse as has no shame

It is only there to provide division

Its purpose is to make us feel desperate

Now there is one thing that helps!

It is called moral high ground

Be careful in your action

And say stop, this is not in nature!

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