Sad is a little being

It sits and sits 

Grows with our attention

It contains shame and guilt

It captures our essence

And embeds no direction

It is an emotion

Yet still so much dullness

It is a way to release energy

It contains elements of synergy

We can do this together

We can conquer and let go

Sadness helps us move forward

It is nature way of finding way

It needs to be nurtured

It needs our attention

Sadness needs company

It needs to be addressed

It should be helped

It should be befriended

We need not to lose our plot

We need to capture our moments

We need to be present

And manage our sadness

Treat sadness with empathy

Treat sadness with care

Treat sadness with tact

Treat sadness with compassion

Sadness is a way

To move on and become

It is a journey

To overcome and become!


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