Self worth

How do we define our self worth? We may define it by skills we have gained. We may define it by what we have done. We may define it by how we are perceived. But none of these are our real self worth. Our self worth is not tangible, at its core is not dependant on other factors. It is simply universal.

Our self worth belongs to compassion. It is what we already have within us. It cannot be taken away from us, nor can it be given to us. Our self worth is us, ourselves and  understanding that comes as part of it. How do we cultivate our selfworth? How do we believe in our self worth? I think there is an algorithm for this, it is by being empathetic towards ourselves and others. It is by being interested in our doing and being comfortable with ourselves. It is by being authentics, even in hardest times. It is being authentic when we tell the truth, it is by being authentic when we lie. It is by being authentics in what we do, how we do it and owning it.

Now what is being authentics? Being authentic is believing in our genuinity with all its strengths and all its shortcomes. This is our self worth, our self worth is an amalgamation of empathy, non judgement and compassion towards ourselves and also towards others. It is about learning this path, by not only enjoying the life journey with all its problems and glories but along the way to build on relation with ourselves and others in some shape or form.

Our self worth is us in the middle effecting ourselves and others in ways unimaginable. That is why we matter and that is why we are important. That is why we are worth fighting for.

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