Shape of heart

Imagine shapes dropping from the sky and each shape represents different types of heart. There is diamond, square, circle, rectangle, trapezoid, triangle and octagon. Lets describe each of these heart shapes according to personality or characters.

Diamond is after money, beauty and power.

Square is after balance, harmony and togetherness.

Circle is after structure, completeness and roundness.

Rectangle is order, search, and curiosity.

Trapezoid is chaos, complication, and creativity.

Triangle is curiosity, mystery, and intelligence.

Octagon is heaviness, carefulness, randomness.

We can add to our list as much as we want. We can also take some of the shapes out of our list. What is important is that our list is different and that is ok. We choose the shape of our heart and what it does at any given moment. Choose ours with care and believe in ourselves. We drive our own life and therefore represent our hearts.


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