Skills for life

We cannot be good at everything, even if we try. There are vast number of subjects and topics in this world. What is the right subject for us? This is a question that many of us may ask ourselves. We may be pragmatic and learn subjects that help us make money and have more security in life. If these pragmatic subjects are our passions then we can count ourselves very lucky. However luck is something that is dependant on us and how we go about life.

By taking luck into account, we may want to do something that is not very pragmatic and there is less chance of financial gain. Are these subjects worth doing? This is a very important question, since life is not about changes that impact us, life is about how we change ourselves and therefore our impact changing environment around us. Therefore whether we are pragmatic in our outlook or we go after something more abstract in nature, we need to be careful. Careful that life is not just about going after our heart or mind!! life is also about doing the right thing for ourselves with self compassion in life.

Topics we need need to learn in life are not just some academic subjects, they are also life lessons. We need to be open to the idea that we make mistakes, we fail and we learn our lessons and move forward. If we don’t fail we are not moving. Therefore our skill in life is a combination of life lessons with subject knowledges, and challenges in life. We need to live and part of living is being pragmatic, part of it is following our dream and part of it is failing. This is our skill for life.


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