Social Action

Social Action on a personal note is about trying to bring out a desired result. This desired result maybe personal to us or it may not be so personal. Nevertheless it is something we do to bridge gap between our personal understanding of a situation and explanation in relation to a situation.

We see many people in society that deeply care about people and lives. They try their best to bring about a positive light to everything around them. They fight for their and their society rights. They believe in fighting for a just and good society. These are all part of social action.

It is about people coming together to tackle certain issue. It is about inviting others to care about each other. Care about justice, equality, culture, human rights, environment and many other important issues. We as humans are social beings and indeed that means it is our duty to commit to looking after each other. It is about having a sense of duty to start small (at home), look after our selves, our family, our neighbour, our community and our society. We need to start from a micro level and move ourselves towards a macro level of social awareness and understanding.


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