Time and how it effects us

We all get into situations where we don’t know whether we can succeed the test of time. We don’t know the outcome of decisions we have made. There maybe difficult times we have faced, complicated decisions we had to make. A lot of things are dependant on the test of time. We should be careful when we are facing time, this is a battle that we will lose. We need to be aware that there comes a time that we no longer can carry on living, fighting, surviving. Best approach we can take against time is to befriend time and get to know our limitations better.

We all have limitations in life, our biggest enemy or our biggest friend in life is time. It is our biggest enemy because every second that passes we cannot get back. It is our biggest friend because every second that passes we can cherish and use. For this reason it is better to see time as an ally. There is a paradox in time, because in one hand it is what is essential to give our life meaning, and in other hand it is limited to a certain period. This means that our outlook towards time is the determinant factor on how we use time to our advantage.

It is agreed that there is value in time. Therefore our time needs to be managed effectively. I suggest using time management skills and having and organising a to do list based on life purpose. Part of this time management is the quality of our time and life, we can increase quality of our time by knowing time is finite so instead of wasting it we need to make most of it. We can spend time on what is valuable to us for its own sake, or spending time on what needs to be done, or doing things to prepare ourselves to do something we enjoy doing, or lastly doing something because it is the norm to do this.

We need to be aware that with how we spend our time comes responsibility. For example we cannot spend our time hurting others. This is because there is no meaning in this and it is not ethical. Therefore in order for us to live an ethical life and a moral life we need to choose tasks that are reasonable and avoid tasks that are not reasonable. This is because reasonable tasks are the tasks that effect us positively since we set ourselves for spending time pursing them and the returned result therefore is positive. Also we can find meaning and positive effect in our life by pursuing a goal to prepare ourselves to spend time pursuing something that is valuable to us.

We need to breath deeply sometimes to slow things down. Some things need contemplation and need time to make them happen. Our life to a large extent is dependant on the decisions we make. These decisions constantly influence our future and the way we go about our life. Our time in this life is limited and this is a certainty that we can use in our favour throughout life by understanding its limitations. I think by understanding this time limit we can be more organised and know that life is about being present in moments of both difficulty and joy. This is what gives life meaning, by simply knowing that a lot of things are dependant on a reciprocal relation we have with time.


We can live through test of time by focusing on the events unfolding in the here and now while being present in the moment. We need to know that we all have a limited time and there is an end to our journey and destination. We can then believe in ourselves and our abilities by celebrating our limitations and strengths in this life.

Time can be our best friend or our worst enemy dependant on our attitude and relationship towards it. We choose our stand towards time by prioritising our tasks, our outlook towards time, our actions and our dealings with time. In situations where we have control over our time, where we are free to choose how to spend our time, in these situations we find out how we deal with time and whether we see it as something that we can use as our advantage.

The reason that time can be an advantage is because how we spend our time is dependant on us. We all have the same limited time at every moment. Therefore how we spend it is dependant on us and this can be advantageous. Time management is a vast topic, without diving into it too deep. First we need to analyse our relationship with time. This is to identify distractions, and figure out what is important to us. Thereafter we need to schedule our priorities, focus on one task at a time, set boundaries in life, and lastly learn to say no to certain things not aligned with our task.

In whatever we do, we need to give ourselves realistic time limit. We also need to know that we cannot do everything, we cannot take up too many tasks. Therefore we need to know what suits our life depending on the life stage we are in at every moment. We need to go about doing these tasks while knowing that we need rest and we need to look after ourselves. As long as we take care of ourselves as part of our plan we will do well in figuring how to resolve tasks.

Lastly we must not compare our time to someone else’s time. Our time belongs to us and not someone else. Depending on our life events we can choose to spend our time differently. However as mentioned before we all have the same 24 hours in every day, how we spend it is what makes a difference. As long as we know how time can impact us, it helps us knowing how to find peace in the life chaos.

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