Test of time

We all get into situations where we don’t know whether we can succeed the test of time. We don’t know the outcome of decisions we have made. There maybe difficult times we have faced, complicated decisions we had to make. A lot of things are dependant on the test of time.

We need to breath sometimes to slow things down. Some things need contemplation and need time to make them. Our life to a large extent is dependant on the decisions we make. These decisions constantly influence the life outcomes fed back into our life. Our time in this life is limited and this is a certainty that we can use in our favour throughout life. I think by understanding this time limit we can be more organised and know that life is about being present with life difficulties and joys. This is what gives life meaning, by simply knowing that a lot of things are dependant on a reciprocal relation we have with time.

We can live through test of time by focusing on the events on folding in the here and now. While knowing that we all have a limit and there is an end to our journey and destination. We can then believe in ourselves and our abilities by celebrating our limit in this life.


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