Time Machine

What would you do if you had a time machine? What would you change in the past? What would you do in the future? What if I say absolutely nothing. There is a reason for this, if I change anything from my past or from my future that means I have experienced that very moment more than once. This means that I have two outcomes of that very moment. Therefore there are two versions of me. This means that the second action is superior to the first action at that very moment. Therefore I am building a superior version of myself. But will this second version of me be me? yes it is, because it is an extended version of me. And no it is not because it contains attributes that are not part of my first version.

This creates contradiction because by changing myself by an external force (time machine), I am not changing my internal self. But what I am doing is forcing myself to create a new outcome. This means I am not me and therefore someone else is in control of me. Therefore this relative dance between me and time means that a new version of me is possible as long as it is not me at that very point.

That is the reason that I change absolutely nothing because I don’t encapsulate the capacity to change me in the past and future. I only have control over myself once and that is in the present moment. We are our own time machine and our clock is ticking. So by adhering to force of nature and living life with our own term, we create our own opportunities in life. There is no need to take account of time machine, we are our own time machine. We have time and energy relative to our situations.



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