Time Machine analogy and its considerations in life

What would you do if you had a time machine? What would you change in the past? What would you do in the future? What if I say absolutely nothing. There is a reason for this, if I change anything from my past or from my future that means I have experienced that very moment more than once. This means that I have two outcomes of that very moment. Therefore there are two versions of me. This means that the second action is superior to the first action at that very moment because it improves it. Therefore I am building a superior version of myself. But will this second version of me be me? yes it is, because it is an extended version of me, and also no it is not because it contains attributes that are not part of my first version. Which is the starting point of my existence.

This creates contradiction because by changing myself using an external force (time machine), I am not changing my internal self. But what I am doing is forcing myself to create a new outcome of my external self. This means I am not me in an ontological sense since I am shared and extended but non existent in the initial point of self distribution. Therefore someone else is in control of me – and that someone else is a trapped me in another external view. This relative dance between me and time means that a new version of me is possible as long as it is not me at that very point, since its experience and understanding is separate from the initial me.

Now think hypothetically that time machine is possible. This can help us see things from a new perspective. For example would there still be societal division in the future, if yes then what can we do now in our life to make things better to help narrow this division. This societal disparities has consequences. Therefore by using time machine as a metaphor we get to explore life possibilities and draw connection to familiar concepts. This is to help us grasp complex concepts and to get to know our present and future in a new light. Another helpful use of time machine analogy is to help comfort ourselves and others. This is done by imagining that time machine is possible and time travel on our timeline will show us how we can learn and study our life. This will show what are key events in our life and what don’t have much significance. Therefore we can get to learn to focus on what is important in our life.


The time machine analogy can help us appreciate life. Since time machine and time travel is not possible at the moment, we will then get to cherish every moment we have got. We go through life and grow our experience of life. We then get to live what we have grown and cultivated in our life. Thereafter we go through transition in life and we get ourselves ready for the next stage of our life. And lastly we go through renewal and we become new person in our life, getting ready for new growth in life. We need to know that these process of growth and renewal comes to an end and therefore we need to experience life as a journey with its beauty and challenges with a finite end. This puts things into perspective, so that we understand that we should not take things for granted and we should experience life as it is and try and live in present moment. Therefore this shows that we need to try and make life as meaningful as possible since our journey is finite.

We go through our life timeline with both negative and positive experiences, these experiences contribute to the richness of our existence. Therefore by knowing this time frame and its relativity of our life dependant on our experience at every moment we can get to live with intention in our life. Our intention throughout life should be according to our beliefs and values while knowing that these are ever changing. We go through life by learning new skills, and abilities. We get to improve ourselves and therefore our values and beliefs change. By knowing that we have a tendency towards growth we get to experience life in new lights and get to know ourself better.

In our life time machine we cannot change the past but we can learn from it. This is the same as we cannot predict future with certainty but we can make choices to shape our future. We get to decide and make decisions in our life and this is our power in our travel through life. We need to navigate through life with an open mind and curiosity as this helps us make know that there are certain things we have control over and the rest of life is about learning and knowing that life is a journey. Knowing these limitations we can influence and find peace amidst all uncertainties life and time travel through life offers.

That is the reason that I change absolutely nothing because I don’t encapsulate the capacity to change me in the past and future. I only have control over myself once and that is in the present moment, so in every present moment I will therefore be different. We are our own time machine and our clock is ticking at every moment. By adhering to force of nature and living life in our own term, we create our own opportunities in life. There is no need to take account of time machine, we are our own time machine. We have time and energy relative to our situations. By using time machine analogy we can better understand the dynamic nature of life, the power of our choice and importance of cherishing and learning from each moment. Our journey is full of challenges and opportunities and it is our choice to make it meaningful and see it as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

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