Tragedy is part of our everyday life. It is something that will happen to us. We are all part of a life full of loss and misery. There are positive sides to life but also there are anxiousness, depression and many negative events too.

We can overcome, get to know, understand, come to peace with life as long as we have a realistic outlook in life. This realistic outlook means accepting goodness and badness in life. There is an interrelationship between dark sides of life and more pleasant sides of life. Within every darkness there is also brightness. Darkness needs to accept brightness in order for brightness to have meaning. Negative and positive sides of our life work similar way.

Tragedy is a part of our life darkness and also it is part of our inner being. We each have history and within our history people we experience many ups and downs. What we make of ourselves is what matters. We can look at a tragedy a start of something bigger. A positive side to dark sides of our life.


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