Try a new beginning, try a new chapter, try a new possibility. Try to be something that makes you feel alive. This is our life, life full of possibility, a life that in order to improve, we need to try. We need to try for a better future. We need to try for better understanding. We need to improve ourself and give ourself chances. Along our journey throughout life, we make mistakes, we fall, we make fool of ourself. But these don’t matter as long as we keep on trying.

We may change direction. We may take risks. What matters most is that we need to be true to ourselves. We need to know that above all we can make and break our journey. We can bend or change our ways. We can do what we want with our life. Partly chances and external forces effect us and our life but the decision is down to us to take the next step in life.

We need to know that trying is our tool to succeed. Our determination to see things through and find ways to overcome barriers is what matters most. Trying is about being real in our actions.

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