Why am I writing again? Well, have you ever organised your college coursework, or a task in hand, or your room; Writing is the same as organising but instead of room, you are organising your thoughts and emotions.

The reason is that it gives a better result but however this does not mean that writing is all that is needed to organise thoughts and emotions but it is one of the tools that can be used. It is matter of controlling our actions and nurturing our mind!

Writing more than anything gives a voice. It is about admiring thoughts and feelings and letting them coexist. Both have a place in existence and have to be developed and worked on. Writing is not about one person to decide about feeling/thinking. It is one person who can set it free for another to see the same thing from within, after all we are social beings.

Feelings/thinking need to be shared otherwise they fly away without anyone enjoying their beauty. The nature of feeling/thought is its beauty. If there is someone you can share your inner feelings/thoughts with, then don’t hesitate and just do it. Look after other people viewpoints as that of your own because we all share the same playground in our existence!!

There are many benefits to writing and any form of creative process. It lets the person express one’s viewpoints and share one’s idea with others. This idea can be in form of thought or feeling and sharing this with others is the main step to unleashing full potential.

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