Yearly resolution

Every year we want to do better than previous year, and come up with a resolution. We do our best at improving ourselves. We plan, we explore, we learn. But why do we fail sometimes? Why do we not do as well as we have done before? These are the questions that make us think! how do we measure our achievements? 

I have realised that best way to measure our achievement is by being creative, to play and to rest. Lets explore these:


It comes in many shapes and forms. We can take up painting, drawing, acting, course, sport and many other activities. It can be done as part of our jobs, it can be part of simple life tasks. Also it can be used to solve challenging problems. It requires open mindedness and looking and searching for answers in a creative manner. It is important to see creativity as a process, start small and build on knowledge.


By being playful we give ourselves the opportunity to explore more, understand better and to have a good time. We get to know our environment, to experience vulnerability and to grow, to experience different viewpoints and to be at a the state of flow. We give ourselves time to learn and to be open to new ideas.


An important part of our life is resting. By resting we can refuel our mind and body. We can evaluate and reflect on our day and events. This is essential to our wellbeing, we have time for ourselves and we give ourselves attention that we deserve. Resting enables us to search for meaning and to find ourselves. We value ourselves and this means we deserve to have some time off.

Our yearly resolution is not measured by success. It is measured with how we deal with what life provides us. It is our wellbeing that is important, our state of creativity, play and rest.


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